Friends of Sick Children in Malawi

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  • Kangaroo Mother Care & Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • Knitting tiny hats and clothes for premature babies
  • A new mother in the maternity unit
  • Ironman competition in Wales
  • Wheelchairs get children to school
  • A corner chair
  • Babies are no longer crammed 4 to a cot


Here are a list of websites that are supporting Friends of Sick Children in Malawi - thank you.
You may find out a little more about Malawi or a great place to stay!

Mrs. Bell and patientThe Mount Pleasant Inn

This oasis in Malawi offers private and secure hospitality to visitors from all over the world. Situated in Blantyre, you can enjoy excellent facilities, including luxurious bedrooms, internet access, bar, diningroom and meeting rooms. 

A warm welcome is guaranteed!

Visit the MPI Website

Malawi Tourism Guide

Visit the Malawi Tourism Guide for travelling advice, attractions, activities and local information

Visit the MTG Website

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