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Covid-19 Emergency Appeal – Update and thanks

Zikomo kwambiri - thank you very much

Covid-19 Emergency Appeal – PPE


Things are manic here in Malawi as we try to prepare as best we can for the realities of Covid-19. Everyone is fearful of what might be to come our way now that Covid-19 has arrived.

The country was not prepared for this and healthcare professionals are ill-equipped for the protection of themselves and of their patients.

Nevertheless, we wanted to take just a few moments out to say how humbled we have all been by the responses so far to our Emergency Appeal for Covid-19 PPE.

‘Thank you’ seems hardly adequate but it is truly heartfelt and we still need all the help we can get.

Sincere and grateful thanks to all who are supporting the appeal


Joe Langton     Bridget Freyne     Gordon Cowie

and on behalf of all ............

the doctors, nurses, cleaners and clerks on the frontline at              The Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi.

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